This section presents some examples of books and other publications that can be useful to support the sustainable design and operation of buildings and other constructions.




Sustainable Construction - Green Building Design and Delivery
Author(s): Charles J. Kibert

Focusing on green building as it apllies to larger commercial, institutional buildings, this book provides a complete introduction to the design and construction of high-performance green buildings. By providing a through grounding on the subject, this insightful guide encourages readers to realize the ecological and economic beneficts of green building.

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 978-0-470-11421-6




Tecnologias Construtivas Para a Sustentabilidade da Construção (in Portuguese)
Author(s): Ricardo Mateus; Luís Bragança

This book identifies the environmental impacts in the construction industry, in general and in the buildings sector in particular. It presents some measures and examples of new building technologies and other technologies that resulted from the reappearance and improvement of technologies already used thousand of years ago, whose application could lead to more sustainable constructions, well balanced within the three dimensions of sustainable development: environment, society and economy.

Publisher: Ecopy

ISBN: 798-989-95194-1-1




El rascacielos ecológico (in spanish)
Author(s): Ken Yeang

This book is useful for the architects and other professionals that wants to come closer to the sustainable construction design and to know some different decisions that should be approached during the design phase of a sustainable building. The book is illustrated with real examples developed by Yeang and other arquitects.

Publisher: Gustavo Gili, SA

ISBN: 978-84-252-1833-0





Portugal SB07. Sustainable construction - materials and practices
Challenge of the industry for the new millenium

Editor(s): Luís Bragança; Manuel Pinheiro; Said Jalali; Ricardo Mateus; Rogério Amoêda; Manuel Guedes

This book is organized in two volumes and collects the papers published and presented in the successful international conference “Portugal SB07: Sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices - Challenge of the Industry for the New Millennium”. It gathers the recent developments in the field of sustainable construction, materials, practices and construction sustainability assessment and is organized in nine chapters: Actions and policies to implement sustainable construction; Sustainable management of existing building stock; building sustainability assessment tools; Design for Sustainability; Designing the sustainable city of tomorrow and urban sustainability; Sustainable resources, eco-materials and technologies; Use of industrial waste; Innovative sustainable construction systems.

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 978-1-58603-785-7




Ambiente e Construção Sustentável (in Portuguese)
Author(s): Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

The Environment is a key factor and has high improvement potential in the construction sector. These principles are the basis of this book about Environment and Sustainable Construction, promoted and published by the Institute of the Environment. The work, presents the environmental aims, strategies and criteria to consider in the search of the creation of an healthy built environment, based in the ecological principles, which constitutes the basis of the sustainable construction.

Publisher: Instituto do Ambiente

ISBN: 972-8577-32-X




A Green Vitruvius - Principios e práticas de projecto para a arquitectura sustentável (in Portuguese)
Author(s): Ordem dos Arquitectos

This book was prepared in the scope of the Thermie Program of the European Comission DGXVII. It is organized in five independent sections. The first four sections are related to the sustainable design and construction processes and present and discusses the different strategies that should be adopted. The fifth section gathers some approaches of building sustainability assessment.

Publisher: Ordem dos Arquitectos

ISBN: 972-97668-2-7


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