This section presents some examples of documents and programs that are related to sustainable construction.




Facing Reality
Author(s): David Lorenz

Climate Change, Environmental Degradation,
Disconnectedness & The Role of Real Property
A dreadful compilation of findings from various sources





Green' House or Greenhouse?
Autor(es): Peter Gorer, Andrew Lawson, Christine Loh, Ana Botelho and Rui Lećo

Climate Change & The Building Stock of Hong Kong & Macau.
The report argues that reducing emissions from buildings should be a priority.
Good buildings are vital to quality of life.





Building Energy Eficiency - Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia's Future
Author(s): Wen Houng, Madelaine S. Chiang, Ruth A. Shapiro and Mark L. Clifford

This book, the first that the Asia Business Council has published, takes an incisive look at a serious challenge facing Asia. The energy consuption can't keep growing at the actual rhythm and it's proposed to start economizing with sustainable buildings.


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