What is iiSBE?

  • An international non profit networking organization;
  • Main objective: focus on guiding the international construction industry towards sustainable building practices;
  • Emphasis is on research and policy, with a special emphasis on building performance and its assessment;
  • Board members from 16 countries;
  • Secretariat in Ottawa;
  • Local chapters exist in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Canada and Portugal. Others are being formed in Poland, France, Malaysia, Taiwan and Germany, and associated organizations exists in Korea, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Executive Director : Nils Larson;
  • President: Andrea Moro (iiSBE Italia).


What are iiSBE's main activities:

  • Leadership of the international Sustainable Building Challenge (formely mentioned as GBC process);
  • Deveopment of a rating framework, now called by SBTool;
  • Organization of technical meetings in Spring and Fall;
  • Operation of SBIS, a web-based database of SB information;
  • Operation of a Sustainable Education working group;
  • Active networkinf support.


What is iiSBE Portugal?

IiSBE Portugal is an non profit organization that represents at national level the mission of International Initiative for Sustainable a Built Environment (iiSBE).

The main objectives are:

  • To teach qualified experts in Sustainable Construction Assessment (SCA)
  • To adapt SBTool to portuguese background;
  • To certify buildings in terms of sustainability;
  • To present a national Forum for initiatives of sustainable construction that are being developed in the several regional and local entities involved in the sustainable construction;
  • To promote and be represented in normative and legislative initiatives.


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