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9:00 - 10:30
Plenary Session 1 – Challenges to buildings
Chairman: Luís Bragança
Nils Larsson - Implications for the building sector in recent climate change findings
11:00 - 12:30 Parallel Sessions
PS1: Nearly Zero Energy Buildings | Main Auditorium
Chairman: Tatsuo Oka
Torhildur Kristjansdottir - The first phase of a zero emission concept for an office building in Norway
Patrícia Morais - Assessing design practices towards nearly zero energy buildings
Ruth Dominguez Sanchez - Energy performance of a Galician hostel
Griet Verbeeck - Monitoring of indoor climate of a net zero energy office in Flanders
Giorgio Borlin - Nearly zero energy applied to urban zones – Main Challenges and Perspectives
Maria Isabel Abreu - The qualifications and professional competencies of architects on the energy efficiency of buildings
PS2: Policies for Sustainable Construction | Room 1
Chairman: Christian Wetzel
Christian Wetzel - Including sustainability into portfolio decisions: the example of the University of Vienna
Sara Amaral - Inspection and diagnosis: a contribution to modern buildings sustainability
Toni Pakkala - Climate change effect on freeze-thaw cycles in Nordic climate
Dimitrios Bikas - Energy rating of windows for the cooling season: a proposal for Europe
Conor Mc Manus - Changing mindsets; identifying the need for a paradigm shift in construction education
Maria Olga Bernaldo - Tomorrow’s sustainability: Devising a framework for sustainability education of future engineers and architects
PS3: High Performance Sustainable Building Solutions 1 | Room 2
Chairman: Frank Schultmann
Constança Rigueiro - Cost vs Benefits analysis in the implementation of sustainable construction principles in a residential building
Maria Teresa Barbosa - ARGAD: High Performance Mortar
Maria Teresa Barbosa - ECODOR: sustainable proportion for concrete sleeper
Paolo Civiero - Technical solutions and industrialised construction systems for advanced sustainable buildings
Neal Holcroft - Moisture buffering and latent heat effects in natural fibre insulation materials
José Coimbra - Water reuse for domestic consumption - A key element for environmental and economic sustainability
PS4: Design and Technologies for Energy Efficiency 1 | Room 3
Chairman: Sungwoo Shin
Cristina Tanasa -Energy consumption and thermal comfort of a passive house built in Romania
David Oloke - A qualitative assessment of the UK Green Deal: Enabling energy efficiency of buildings by 2050
Gustavo Linhares de Siqueira - Dividing indoor comfort limits by climate zones and describing it as a curve for the benefit of passive and low tech architecture design
Débora Ferreira - Bioclimatic solutions existing in vernacular architecture -rehabilitation techniques
David Hawkins - Evaluating determinants of energy use in higher education buildings using artificial neural networks – an enhanced study
Sonja Schelbach - Which architecture has proven to be successfully climate responsive? Learning from raditional architecture by looking at strategies for resource efficient and climate responsive constructions
14:00 - 15:30
Plenary Session 2 – In search of resource efficiency
Chairman: Manuel Pinheiro
Rita Moura - Environmental Sustainability vs Competitiveness
Yehuda Olander - Sustainable building and living in Israel
16:00 - 17:30 Parallel Sessions
PS5: Building Sustainability Assessment Tools | Main Auditorium
Chairman: Yehuda Olander
Mohamed Ouf - An investigation of indicators, metrics, and methods used to measure and quantify green buildings’ occupancy and usage
Joan Puyo Collet - The implicit definition of ‘utility’ in the sustainable building assessment methods
Elke Meex - Comparison of two sustainable assessment tools on a passive office in Flanders
SungWoo Shin - The development of building materials embodied greenhouse gases assessment system (SUSB-BEGAS) for supporting the green building certification system (G-SEED) in Korea
Christian Wetzel - From lighthouse projects to sustainable building stock
Aparecida Hippert - AQUA certification system, and the design of buildings
PS6: High Performance Sustainable Building Solutions 2 | Room 1
Chairman: Maria Teresa Barbosa
Rute Eires - Natural fibre reinforced earth and lime based mortars
Armando Silva Afonso - Rainwater harvesting systems in buildings: rapid changes with substantive improvements
Patricia Lourenço - Energy and water use patterns in Portuguese secondary schools – main relationships. Seven school cases analysis
Paola Piermattei - Strategies for regeneration of widespread building heritage in Italy
Ceri Loxton - Research into natural bio-based insulation for mainstream construction
Maria Isabel Abreu - The integration of sustainable solutions in Portuguese old building architecture
PS7: Design and Technologies for Energy Efficiency 2 | Room 2
Chairman: Manuela Almeida
Dimitra Tsirigoti - Urban form and daylighting: examining daylighting conditions with regard to building block typologies
Kevin Kelly - Lighting research & development aligned to the demands for lower energy usage combined with better quality and a more holistic building design
Sandra Silva - Using MCDA to Select Refurbishment Solutions to Improve Buildings IEQ
Eleni Dimitriadou - Computational modelling of the thermal behaviour of an ETFE cushion using IES
Mathilde Petri - The inhabitable greenhouse
Pedro Andrade - Assessment and monitoring of a student residential building using an innovative execution solution
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